Amborella House will soon serve as an emergency refuge and long-term home for women who have experienced sexual exploitation and trafficking who need a place to escape “the life” and redeem their future in a safe, nurturing, and faith-based environment. We are actively engaged in developing a support base, planning and building a home, and designing programs.

We continue working toward our goal to build the house mortgage free, as soon as possible. We hope to begin construction in 2018. As we raise the funds, we persist in getting the operational plans and policies in place to effectively serve rescued women as soon as the home is open.

“He rescued them from their enemies and redeemed them.”   ~ Psalm 106:10

The Amborella, a flower of exquisite strength, has survived for thousands of years and is considered the longest living species in the world. It stands with simple beauty, growing and surviving in all conditions, displaying God’s enduring love of His creation. Just like the women we will serve.

Amborella House needs your support, whether that be in time, labor, funds, or prayer. Contact us to learn more. We need friends and partners in this effort:

Redeeming women from sexual exploitation to restore wholeness and renew hope.

Will you join us as we seek to empower women to become all they are meant to be in body, mind, and spirit? Amborella House is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.


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