Trafficking Facts

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Sex Trafficking Realities.

  • It is said the average lifespan of a female, once engaged in prostitution, is seven years.
  • The average age of entry for minors is 12-14 years old. Factoring in adult women, the average age of entry into “the life” of prostitution is 17-19 years old.
  • 60-90% of survivors are without safe housing. Without safe housing they often return to “the life.”
  • 83% of sex trafficking victims are victims of assault with a deadly weapon.
  • The Minnesota Attorney General reported “a six-month study by local prosecutors found over 34,000 advertisements posted online for sex in the Twin Cities. But sex trafficking is not just a Twin Cities problem. Trafficking affects people from all parts of Minnesota.

The Facts Don’t Lie.

  • Traffickers use coercion, threats, isolation, rape and physical violence to ensnare victims and keep them silent.
  • Top sex trafficking venues include illicit massage parlors, hotels and motels, residential brothels, and other sex-oriented businesses.
  • One of the single most critical needs for survivors is a place to live – emergency, short-term and long- term housing. Access to safe and stable shelter is  critical for survivors who escaped or were rescued  from “the life” of trafficking.
  • “We know that for survivors [of sex trafficking],  comprehensive services are needed not only to  meet their physical needs of clothing, personal  items and housing, but also their legal needs and  emotional and psychological needs. . . . There are  not enough services available to meet the growing  need. . . . Amborella House can help meet the  needs that exist for victims in our region. . . . These  services are desperately needed in our community  and will help bring healing and hope to the victims  of [sex] trafficking.”  – Rhonda Sivarajah, Chair, Anoka  County Board of Commissioners