Rescue & Transitional Housing

Amborella House will provide rescue and transitional housing  to women who have been redeemed from sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.  At Amborella House, women can begin the healing process in a safe and stable environment,  a place that feels like home.

We will offer individualized programs, legal support, and therapies focusing on education, physical health, social interaction, and  faith in Jesus Christ.  Amborella House endeavors to renew hope in the lives of rescued women.

The length of any woman's stay at Amborella House will be her own decision; she can choose to continue in a program that will enable her to travel the path to restoration.

We are searching for an existing house to purchase and begin serving women as soon as possible, even as we hold on to our long-term goal of building a house. Will you partner with us as we raise the needed funds to open and operate Amborella House? You can donate online, or contact us for more information. Thank you!

Prevention & Outreach

Amborella House hopes to someday see the victimization of women eliminated in the U.S. and around the world, and as our programs develop over time, we want to offer presentations aimed at teaching and educating children, teens, and parents about the tactics exploiters use to trap or entice their victims.

We understand the need to raise awareness among our youth, their families, and friends, and we will reach out to the community through school, church, and community presentations as staff and resources become available.  Please contact us with your questions about this all-important goal of eradicating sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.