Services for Women

amborella flowerOur name, Amborella, is that of a flower with exquisite strength that has survived for thousands of years and is considered the longest living species in the world. It stands with simple beauty, growing and surviving in all conditions, displaying God's enduring love of His creation. Just like the women we will serve.

When the doors of Amborella House open, we will provide transitional housing for rescued women from 30 days to three years (with an 18-month average stay). The house will provide a safe and supportive environment for women to begin to heal, achieve a sense of safety and stability, develop independent living skills, and provide renewed hope for their lives, all in preparation for life outside of Amborella House.

Our house will be a welcoming space for women in their journey to restoration through supportive services that address their many and varied needs. We will offer women the opportunity to explore and grow in faith.

Amborella House services will include:

  • 24/7 Onsite and Trained Staff
  • Safe and Secure Living Environment
  • Case Management by Qualified Staff Members
  • Professional Individual and Group Therapy
  • Basic Life Skills Education
  • GED Tutoring and Test Preparation
  • Career Readiness Coaching
  • Links to Healthcare and Legal Services
  • Sensitive, Compassionate Faith-Based Care
  • Other Services as Needs Arise

We are searching for an existing house to purchase and begin serving women as soon as possible, even as we hold on to our long-term goal of building a house. Will you partner with us as we raise the needed funds to open and operate Amborella House? You can donate online, or contact us for more information. Thank you!

Partnerships and Collaborations

Amborella House partners with churches, individuals, and businesses, and we will collaborate with organizations to provide specialized services. These affiliations and partnerships include: Wellspring Living, Northstar Behavioral Health, Safe Families Minnesota, Maranatha Church/Forest Lake.

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